Southwest Road Trip: Part 1

America’s Hidden Waterfalls

jockey travel blogThis country’s expansive wilderness lends itself to outdoor adventures, especially in remote areas. Do you want to see some of the country’s most beautiful and secret places? Then get out to see some of America’s hidden waterfalls. The natural rock formations and cascading water flowing over the steep cliffs create some of the most relaxing and magical places on the planet.
This list of waterfalls includes some hidden vacation spots. Some require a short hike from civilization, while others are in the depths of the wild country. That’s what makes them such fun places to go backpacking. There’s nothing quite as fulfilling as the sound you hear when you approach your destination. Water crashes down in front of you, spraying your face with mist as you get closer to the pool below. Can you think of a better way to end a hike?

Havasu Falls in Arizona

This waterfall is located in the Grand Canyon, and it requires some extra effort to find. You’ll need to walk more than 10 miles to get to this area. Bring plenty of water, comfy boots and appropriate gear if you plan to tackle this hike, and make the trek during the summer months. The stifling summer heat may make you think twice, but plan ahead and consider staying a night or two at one of campsites on the way instead of toughing your way through it. Considered one of the greatest of all America’s hidden waterfalls, Havasu Falls delivers staggering beauty to everyone who sees it.

Arethusa Falls in New Hampshire

One of the tallest of all waterfalls in New Hampshire, Arethusa Falls is a wonderful place to go backpacking with your family. It’s located away from the main public areas of Crawford Notch State Park, a mile or so past the trail head. Unlike the Havasu Falls trail, this one doesn’t require serious planning. You’ll be able to tour all the nearby waterfalls and get back to where you started in under three hours.

Comet Falls in Washington

Comet Falls is located inside Mount Rainier National Park, about four miles away from the nearest entrance. The views here are magnificent. The top of the rock formation stands more than 460 feet higher than the base, and water cascades down three different tiers to get to the bottom. If you add this to your list of places to go backpacking, be sure to allow yourself adequate time for the hike. It takes about three hours to go there and back from the trail head.
Pack light, comfortable clothes that you can easily layer and remove when you set out on longer hikes, like a T-shirt and a pullover, or microfiber active sport long trunks beneath a pair of comfortable knit drawstring pants to stay warm, cool and unrestricted. Then decide which one of America’s hidden waterfalls to see first.

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