Behind the Scenes with Jockey for Spring/Summer 2018

Our spring/summer fashion collection for 2018 is inspired by the colorful and natural Hawaii, and practically begged to be shot in a tropical setting.  The crew headed to Florida, to capture the latest images for the collection in a lush Miami estate and a Florida Keys beach house.

These are some of our favorite moments from the shoot, featuring models Tom Clune, Jeff Kasser, Alden Steimle, Rachelle Goulding, Chris Brooks and Aurelie Wulff, with photographer Nick Onken.


Location day 1: Dream beach house in the Florida Keys. Can we say “life goals”?!

Tom has always really looked up to Nick.

Chris takes some jabs for video

That certainly looks relaxing!

We firmly believe you can never spend TOO much time in a hammock.

Tom, Chris and Jeff pose from afar

Jeff, Chris and Tom head out to the water for a quick cool-down…

Aurelie, Alden and Rachelle join, of course!

A small game of chase ensues – and luckily the video crew captured the entire thing. (STAY TUNED!)

Tom and Rachelle brave the waters

Aurelie works the camera

A very happy (and tired) bunch are all wrapped up for day 1

Location day 2: Tropical farmhouse property (featuring multi-colored cottages) in Miami, FL. The property (see the story here) is owned by a couple who houses rescue animals, and are currently parents to an adopted pig, goat and miniature horse….

..who even came out to play with us!

Juan (from the photo crew) offers some comic relief to Alden

We’re looking to reach new heights….. so we put Jeff in a tree

Rachelle is pose-ready as some last-minute adjustments are made

That’s a wrap!

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Stay tuned for more behind the scenes photos and videos from Jockey International photo shoots.

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