Behind the Scenes with Jockey for NOS

Here at Jockey, one of the many things we take pride in is our NOS line. For those who may not already know, NOS means Never Out of Stock. These are our “core” items for both men and women that we’ve elected to always be available, no matter the season. NOS includes a broad range of categories, from classics that we’ve had for years and years, to new and innovating products that continue to excel. When our seasonal fashion runs out, our NOS always remains. Trust us when we say, we’ve got you covered.
This year, it was time for some new and exciting images for our NOS products. Take a look behind the scenes at our NOS photoshoot, featuring models Tom Clune, Jeff Kasser, Alden Steimle, Rachelle Goulding, Chris Brooks and Aurelie Wulff, with photographer Nick Onken.

Our office for the day, courtesy of MAPS

Nick is ready for the big day

Chris, Aurelie, Alden, Jeff and Rachelle enjoy some off-camera time

Alden and Rachelle share some pre-shoot jokes with Nick

Rachelle shows off those amazing Jockey Skimmies

Tom gets some last-minute touch-ups

Jeff holds a squat for a final makeup touch-up

Nick experiments with some levels

Just look at those swim trunks!

Aurelie, Alden and Rachelle show off some seriously comfy loungewear

Rachelle holds the camera solo

Chris, Jeff and Aurelie share a group shot

Dance party to end the day!


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